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Jacquie integrates a variety of tools and theory into her practice, initially training in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, although she now works primarily with PICT, Parks Inner Child Therapy. This comprises mostly of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and includes Transactional Analysis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming theory and interventions with measurable outcomes.

PICT was developed by Penny Parks - a psychotherapist specialising in the field of childhood abuse - initially to help adults resolve past trauma of childhood abuse and neglect. However it is highly effective at resolving many issues stemming from childhood experiences (therefore described as 'inner child' therapy). Feelings of confusion, fear guilt, shame and pain can often be triggered in adulthood by events which mirror in some way those from the past. PICT is a gentle, guided process as opposed to a ‘done to’ process, bringing a greater sense of self agency, and safety. Painful memories and negative beliefs can be resolved, no longer determining our choices or colouring our lives. PICT has been developed to also help young people and children.


PICT Quick Change is used to address major emotional problems over a very short time span. Quick Change Therapy usually takes place over 5 to 6 sessions of up to 4 hours each, plus assessment and follow up sessions. The number of follow up sessions vary, but are used to make minor adjustments once the major obstacles have been cleared. Clients are specifically assessed as to their suitability for PICT Quick Change and it’s benefits include avoiding the need for a succession of weekly appointments, and the interruptions of daily life!


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